Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The pain started in 1995. First as an ache in my hips and upper legs. It would start after my shift at the hospital was about half over. I noticed it didn't get much better with Tylenol alone so I would take Tylenol and Ibuprofen. It would continue aching till long after I got home and in bed. By the morning it was gone. As time went on the ache worsened and would start 2 hours after the shift started, then 1 hours, then 30 minutes. The severity was worse and it was very difficult to even walk to the parking lot after my shift was over. I remember telling myself I could do it. To just take one more step, then another and another till I got to the car. Then I started having pain in the ball of my feet, it felt like I was stepping on a stone. I had trouble walking or standing very long so getting through a whole shift was very hard but I only worked 3 days a week so I managed. I found out this pain was Plantar Fasciitis. And it, coupled with the leg pain landed me mostly on the couch. And that was just the beginning.  


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