Sunday, August 28, 2011

Iodine therapy.........It seems to be working

Today I was on the way to the store with my daughter and I was thinking about my pain. I thought I should put down somewhere if something ever happens to me, for people to be happy for me. Happy that I am no longer in pain and the next thing I would know is that Jesus is coming. That being said I had a fairly good day. I had to take frequent rest periods but I was able to keep busy all day. My pain level did not rise higher than a 3. And my fatigue was non existent. The main thing I am doing differently is taking Iodine and doing Alpha Stim (microcurrent electrical therapy). I have been doing the Alpha Stim for about a month now so I think the big change is the iodine. At least I am hoping.........The outlook is so much better when there is hope.


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