Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What a difference the right meds can make

I have gone from mostly bedridden to an almost normal person. My pain had been increasing over the last 6 months and I had been telling my doc but I wanted to wait to increase meds because I was so exhausted all the time and I felt I would be even more tired. So I waited till it was starting to affect me at work. 2 months ago my doc and I decided to go ahead and increase my meds. It was rough for the first few days as any change in meds throws me for a loop, but by the third or fourth day I was making dinner and throwing a load of laundry in before going to sit on the couch. I wasnt even interested in bed till night time! I then realized the med that is supposed to last 12 hours was only lasting 8 so I started taking my breakthrough med after 8 hours. Now i was even better and this last appointment we added in another breakthrough med 4 hours after the first one, I am currently functioning the way I was in 2005. Which is able to be up doing light chores with some breaks on the couch till bedtime. I still have my days where I crash and take a nap on the couch but my pain for the most part stays in the 1 to 2 range. My fatigue did not increase it actually decreased. Depressing thing is there was an article in the American Journal of Medicine that pain meds do not work for Fibromyalgia and that most people on pain meds were low income, jobless, women that were addicted! I am none of these and pain meds have given me most of my life back, Being able to still do things with my husband and almost grown kids....PRICELESS.

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