Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pain crisis

What I call a pain flare. To me "flare" doesn't begin to describe the agony of pain shooting up to a level 9 to 10 and and staying there for most of a day. I could feel it coming on. The constant achyness all over was increasing. It's a hot day and I really wanted to go swim with the rest of my family. But the fatigue of dealing with the pain made getting up to the bathroom an exhausting event. So I laid in bed and listened to "It is Written" podcasts as the pain crept into my spine and ribs making each breath painful. Then down into my hips as if a house size boulder had rolled onto me. Before long it was in my calves feeling as it they both were in vice grips that couldn't stop tightening. My neck is stiff and sore. It's hard to concentrate on anything but the pain. I can only write a couple words at a time because it is too hard to look at a screen. Most of the time my eyes are closed. I can listen but I miss most of what is being said. I mostly concentrate on getting through each breath, not wanting to breath because it hurts, but knowing I must.


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