Saturday, August 29, 2015

Honor Guard

I recently heard a sermon about God's Honor Guard. The minister explained his own thoughts that God needs people who go through very trying circumstances and still remain faithful to Him. So in the end it will be clear that no matter our trials, if we trust in Him, he will help us through. Well I believe I am part of the honor guard. I have had pain almost my whole life. When I was young it was lower back pain. Even as a child I would look for places to sit. As a teen and young adult it was painful menustration. It got so bad I was in bed 7 out of every 22 days. Next I had plantar fascitiis and it was difficult to stand at all. After that I had kidney stones. One kidney stone tried to pass during recovery from my  hysterectomy. I also had a hard time healing from my hysterectomy. I had pain by my bladder that ended up being a pocket of fluid. Once I did recover I was on cloud 9 till about a year later when the pain in my legs started that was eventually diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. I could feel sorry for myself but now I feel as if maybe I am a part of God's honor guard and I feel blessed.

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