Sunday, August 28, 2011

Iodine therapy.........It seems to be working

Today I was on the way to the store with my daughter and I was thinking about my pain. I thought I should put down somewhere if something ever happens to me, for people to be happy for me. Happy that I am no longer in pain and the next thing I would know is that Jesus is coming. That being said I had a fairly good day. I had to take frequent rest periods but I was able to keep busy all day. My pain level did not rise higher than a 3. And my fatigue was non existent. The main thing I am doing differently is taking Iodine and doing Alpha Stim (microcurrent electrical therapy). I have been doing the Alpha Stim for about a month now so I think the big change is the iodine. At least I am hoping.........The outlook is so much better when there is hope.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just imagine

Imagine pain that makes your entire legs, from the hips down through your calves, into the bottom of your feet that continues to worsen till you have to lay down.

Imagine pain in your back that feels like you have been shot, and the pain radiates through to the front of your chest as if the bullet broke into millions of fragments and came busting through. 

Imagine it hurts so bad you breath shallow and have to remind yourself to take a deep breath.

Imagine pain that the lightest touch feels like the hardest punch. And a friendly slap in the arm feels like you need a doctor.

Imagine a headache that is like a migraine, and the only thing that helps is a big bag of ice directly on it and an ice mask.

Imagine the pain is so bad you cant think and forget things, sometimes in the middle of a sentence. 

Just imagine......................Fibromyalgia Hurts!

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If they only knew...

If they only knew how hard I try to be normal. How I try to keep up with them shopping and how the whole time I am telling myself "I can do it" and agonizing over each step. But also how I appreciate each moment cause someday that may be gone as well. 

If they only knew how I push myself to get out of bed when its just about the hardest thing I have ever done just, because I enjoy spending time with them. 

If they only knew how I stress about the fact I am not out there making meals, doing laundry, and keeping the house clean 

If they only knew how I make an effort to walk normal, so I wont embarrass them. 

If they only knew I really dont have what it takes to stay employed. But I have to hang on as long as possible, so they can have the things that make them comfortable. 

If they only knew how hard it is to keep anything straight with fibro fog. 

If they only knew I feel unworthy because I dont do that much for them anymore... 

If they only knew...... the only reason I live....... is for family.

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